REDVET is international , non-governmental and nonprofit, association for research and development of vocational education and training (VET). Founders of REDVET are academicians, VET experts and businessmen. REDVET focuses on vocational education, employment of youngsters, vocational career counseling for youngsters, adult training, career guidance and assestment&evalutaion of qualification (RPL,VPL,APL), non-formal education from secondary level to in-service trainings of companies or organizations. REDVET has dedicated its human capacity to only VET and related work area.

Members are willing to concentrate their knowledge on VET with nationwide and international networking.

REDVET holds its action at policy and social level. At policy level, it carries out activities by developing theory, doing research, and reporting with systemic approach. At social level, REDVET delivers training (VET, TVET, CVET and training of trainers) courses, career guidance, youth initiatives and social organizations.

With a substantial and growing membership, REDVET is committed to:

– furthering contribution of educational research to the development of Turkish education and training policy

– independently reviewing educational research priorities

– promoting independent and significant research in education and training, with due regard for the intellectual property rights of researchers

– raising the profile of educational research in the academic and training communities

– promoting training in research methods for those working in or with the VET sector

– providing platforms for the dissemination of research findings.

REDVET’s areas of activity:

– Undertaking a strategic program of education and training research, including the management of national competitive grants programs and collects and analyze national VET statistics and survey data.

– Collecting and publishing research findings on VET and higher education.

– Networking within relevant sectors, especially with VET providers and industry

– Disseminating the results of research and data analysis.

– Building links with similar international organizations to foster comparative analysis and collaborate on issues of mutual interest.

– Undertaking commercial consultancies.

REDVET training commission is responsible to create and adopt innovative formal and non-formal training programs and methodology using for and by youth.

REDVET conducts monitoring and research work, organizes various non-formal educational and cultural activities, including round tables, seminars, trainings, exchanges for youth groups in the community