Vocational Education Projects

1. Innovative holistic guidance model for integration of people with disabilities on the European labour market (Job Circuit)
Project number: 2017-1-PT01-KA202-035821
Target groups: Professionals involved in the career guidance provision.
Beneficiaries: Unemployed people with disabilities.
Duration of the project: 2 years 

2. Supporting access to training and qualification of people with disabilities through development of VET course (Eco Gardening)
Project number: 2017-1-BG01-KA202-036212
Target groups: VET trainers in area of (organic) vegetable gardening, VET teachers who want to introduce Eco-vegetable gardening in their curricula
Beneficiaries: VET Schools with gardening in their training profiles, SMEs active in ecological gardening
Duration of the project: 2 years

3. Improving qualification and competencies of palliative and end-life caregivers (Pt Care)
Project number: 2017-1-BG01-KA202-036214
Target groups: Palliative and end-life care professionals (palliative nurses, physiotherapists, health assistants, hospice workers, social workers) and providers in centers (hospitals, hospices, social centers, elderly care centers, private home), VET training providers in the field of palliative and social care
Beneficiaries: People with severe health conditions, family members of people with severe health conditions, employers/managers of hospices, hospital palliative centers, governmental bodies involved in local and regional social and health care provision / municipalities
Duration of the project: 2 years

4. 3D print training modules for electric-electronic teachers in vocational high schools (3DP)
Project number: 2019-1-TR01-KA202-07433
Target groups: Vocational high school teachers from Electric-Electronics Department
Beneficiaries: Vocational high school teachers from different departments such as biomedical, ICT, industrial automation, mechatronic, machine; vocational college lecturers; senior trainers from industrial organizations; Vocational high school students; vocational college students; other individual learners who practice “do it yourself” 3D printing technology
Duration of the project: 2 years

5. ECVET compatible 3D printing training modules for automotive technologies (3D4Auto)
Project number: 2021-1-SK01-KA220-VET-000034617
Target groups: Teachers at vocational high schools in the Automotive Technology Department
Beneficiaries: Vocational high school teachers from different departments such as pattern and CNC branches at machine department, aircraft maintenance, biomedical devices, health profession, metal technology, ICT, mechatronic, construction and furniture; vocational college trainers, senior trainers from industrial organizations
Duration of the project: 2 years

Youth Projects

1. Mobile youth peer mentoring application to facilitate distance mentoring guidance for youth with disabilities (My Peer Mentor)
Project number: 2017-1-TR01-KA205-039752
Target groups: Youth mentors, youth workers, youth career counselors (even on non-formal base at NGOs and students’ councils)
Beneficiaries: Youth with disabilities (aged 16-29), families of people with disabilities, non-formal settlements of people with disabilities, educations institutions (secondary, tertiary and VET levels).
Duration of the project: 2 years

2. Self-assessment system for validation of non-formal experience via youth mentoring programmes (Vm-Pro)
Project number: 2017-2-IT03-KA205-011257
Target groups: Mentors (as teachers, trainers, psychologists, social and youth workers)
Beneficiaries: Mentees (university students and youth with disabilities), families of youth with disabilities, NGOs, social and career services providers, umbrella organisations
Duration of the project: 2 years

School Education Projects

1. Mobile pedagogical assistant to develop meaningful pathways to personalized learning (Pathway+)
Project number: 2017-1-UK01-KA201-036761
Target groups: The practitioners who need to put “education for all” into practice, teachers, educators, special education teachers.
Beneficiaries: Children/pupils with moderate/mild learning disabilities, and their families, as well as representative NGOs, umbrella organizations, pedagogical experts.
Duration of the project: 3 years

2. Interactive tools for teachers and children at initial education (Speech Pathology Tools)
Project number: 2017-1-BG01-KA201-036295
Target groups: Kindergarten and pre-primary school teachers, primary school teachers, psychological consultants, speech and language therapists, special education teachers
Beneficiaries: Children with disabilities, their parents, NGOs and institutions working about childhood pedagogy, educational authorities, community centers, academicians
Duration of the project: 3 years

Adult Education Projects

1. Integrated ways to RPL service providers (Viva RPL)
Project number: 2017-1-TR01-KA204-046680
Target groups: Adult trainers, vocational and technical teachers and assessment experts
Beneficiaries: Employees, technical staff at industrial organizations, employers, policy makers
Duration of the project: 2 years

2. Training for Inclusion of Ageing People with Disabilities through Exchange 2.0 (Triade 2.0)
Project number: 2018-1-ES01-KA204-050348
Target groups: Adult trainers, social workers 
Beneficiaries: Adults with intellectual disabilities
Duration of the project: 2 years